Artist Statement

The ”creative process” calls upon the artist to continually experiment to discover the best conditions for the genesis of art. Once a problem is successfully overcome, one discovers that a new one immediately arises. This concept of the continuous cycle of creation, death and rebirth is what I have long accepted in my life as an artist – one that I refer to and apply to all my work.

My work is about establishing personal artistic freedom. I don’t consciously seek to organize the composition of a painting, instead, I prefer to allow the working of paint to help determine the arrangement of forms. My belief is that paint has the capacity to speak radically, and it is this ability that interests me. For me, it is the process of my work which remains central.

I’ve oftentimes been asked if I ever considered combining Eastern and Western art in my work. I think that combining two different artistic spirits into one is not to be done purposely – it should flow naturally. My view is that the language of art is worldwide today. It is not important to classify it as Eastern art or Western art, but to let the ”E” and ”W” be expressed in their own ways. If one day I consider combining ”E” and ”W,” it will not be because I am Asian, but because it is what I want to do as an artist.

I think art cannot be separated from life because the ideas in creative art come from reacting to life. I am interested in the relationship between human beings and nature. I believe that art departs from instinct. ”Instinct” is not changeable, and not affected by time and space. It can be expressed either realistically or in the abstract.

The important thing I want to do is to get my inner feeling to reflect the outside world. I just want to open up, and to keep on searching for ways of making art that is meaningful to me.

Jenny Chen was born in Chunchin, Szechwan, a province in southwest China. Her life was a common progression from daughter to student, wife and mother. At 35, Jenny embarked on a life-changing journey, starting a career in art at this relatively late stage of her life. Galleries and museums visiting, interested in contemporary art history and full time working in her studio, led to her need for a deeper understanding of art, and so began her journey as an artist.

Jenny’s passion for life is reflected in her paintings. They help her see the world in a different perspective. She paints primarily for herself, but finds pleasure in knowing that her paintings help others see the world differently as well. Her curiosity about life and the world around her are expressed in the abstract, capturing the idea that ”everyday is a new discovery.” And so Jenny continues to surge ahead with her art, exploring each day as a new challenge.

Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan
Pratt Institute, USA
Kaohsiung Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan
Shanghai Art Museum, China
National Taiwan Art Museum, Taiwan